How to apply RTI against Gram Panchayat or Gram Pradhan?

How to file an RTI against Gram Panchayat: India has always been known for its democratic rules and fair constitution and to give proper form to this democratic system and keeping in mind the freedom of its citizens, the Right to Information Act , launched on 2005. Through Right to Information (RTI), any Indian citizen can get details or information of government works from any government institutions.

In order to promote and develop the people living at the lowest rung of the Indian society, a word “Panchayati Raj” was added to our constitution by the 73rd amendment, which is directly related to the Gram Sabha. The chairman of a gram sabha is a headman or village head, the village head takes responsibility for all the developments in the village and for these developments the village heads are allocated money by the government.

How to apply RTI in Gram Panchayat – Brief description

Name of the article How to apply RTI from Gram Panchayat ?
field name Village Panchayat
Subject Seeking details of works related to Gram Sabha
application process online and offline
application or applicant’s eligibility The applicant should be a resident of the Gram Panchayat for which the Gram Panchayat wants to file RTI.
information receipt time within 30 days
RTI fee Rs.10/-
Category government scheme
official website

What is the purpose of applying RTI against the village head?

If the resident of any Gram Panchayat can get the details of the work done by the Gram Pradhan in that Gram Panchayat and the amount spent and all others, but any information or any confidential data related to the security of India, the Government of India is not available to the common citizen. cannot be shared with.

The purpose of filing RTI for Gram Panchayat is to get the details related to the work done by any Gram Panchayat in a given time such as the name of the work for which the expenditure has been incurred, brief description of the work, the amount sanctioned for the work, the person who got the work done. Name of the agency, date of commencement of work and other information is to be obtained. Apart from this, you can also write a complaint letter against the village head .

How to write RTI against village head?

If a candidate wants to apply RTI in his Gram Panchayat, he must first be a resident of that Gram Panchayat, besides this the interested candidate can write RTI by following the following steps-

  1. RTI can be written on a paper in Hindi, English or any local language.
  2. Candidate should first write the name of “Public Information Officer/Public Information Officer” in the paper and below it “Panchayati Raj Adhikari”.
  3. After this, the candidate should write his district name, state name and pin code.
  4. After this candidate should write “Subject” and always write “Under Right to Information Act 2005” in the subject.
  5. After this the candidate should write his/her matter and start it with the word “Sir”.
  6. First of all, the candidate will write Panchayati Raj and write the name of his Gram Panchayat, pin code, district name, state name and other information related to the address of the Gram Panchayat.
  7. Candidates must write the date from which they want to get the information.
  8. After this, the candidates who want to get the details of the information, they should write respectively.
  9. Candidates write all the definite or clear questions otherwise your form can be postponed by the Public Information Officer.
  10. At the end of the form, candidates should write their name, father’s name, address, mobile number, email ID (if any).
  11. After this, the candidate should deposit the amount of Rs.10/- through postal order and must write the postal number in the form.
  12. If the candidate is a BPL card holder then no fee is demanded for them i.e. they need not pay any fee through postal order.

How to apply RTI in Gram Panchayat?

RTI can be applied for any Gram Panchayat in India through both offline and online mode. If you want to apply Gram Panchayat RTI then follow the following steps-

  1. Interested candidates for Gram Panchayat Online RTI first visit the official website of RTI
  2. After that the candidate click on “Submit Request”.
  1. After clicking on submit request, a page of some rules will appear on your screen, after reading these rules, click on submit written at the very end of the page.
  2. After this a page will open on the screen of the candidate in which the candidate has to fill his/her complete details.
RTI Online
  1. After the candidate has selected the desired language, click on “Select” in the box just opposite to “Select Ministry/department/Apex body”.
Online RTI
  1. After that click on “Ministry of Panchayati Raj” in the candidate department.
RTI In Village
  1. After doing this, the candidate should enter his full address like- name, mobile number, email ID, state name, state name, district name, panchayat name, pin code and all other requested information.
  1. After filling all the information and questions, enter the candidate code and submit the form.
  2. In the next step, the applicant will have to pay a fee of Rs 10/- through online means and your form will be submitted successfully.

How to check Gram Panchayat RTI Status?

After applying RTI to village head online by any candidate, its status can also be checked. Do online RTI by following the following steps-

  1. Candidates first go to the official website of RTI
  2. After that click on “View status”.
  3. After this a new page will open on the screen of the candidate in which the candidate should enter his registered mobile and email and after filling the code submit it.
RTI status
  1. After this candidates will be able to see their Gram Panchayat Online RTI Status .

What information cannot be found in Gram Panchayat RTI?

The following information cannot be shared through Gram Panchayat RTI-

  1. Any information related to the security of the country or related to any security agencies cannot be shared under RTI.
  2. India’s sharing of information on matters related to other countries does not come under this right of information.
  3. Information or data of any private or private companies cannot be shared under the Right to Information.


The first appellate officer of the Gram Panchayat is the Senior Public Information Officer.

The reply of Gram Panchayat RTI comes in 30 days.

Gram Panchayat RTI Application should be a resident of that Gram Sabha from which Gram Panchayat he wants to apply RTI.

Gram Panchayat RTI application fee is Rs.10/-.

By applying RTI against the village head, the actions of the village head can be checked.

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